Tour the famous Yarra Valley Wineries

Take a Yarra Valley Winery Tour of the world-famous Yarra Valley which is a very popular wine growing region for a visit to some of the best wineries in the world and a wine tasting and vineyard tour experience. This tour will give you a chance to sample a selection of some of the finest award winning wines like the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines in Australia.

Tale knowledgeable guided tours of the valley region for a chance to taste and learn wine making procedures for a wide variety of diverse types of wine, as well as couple of exhilarating new varieties of grape that are on offer.

One of the best wine estates, Rochford Winery is a great place that will amaze you with its numerous high-quality Aussie wines, ranging from decadent cabernet sauvignons to snappish chardonnays and silky pinots. The Dominique Portet is another winery which exhibits its collection of traditional French-style wines counting the sparkling androsé wine. A visit to the Killara Estate Winery and its restaurant is a great place to dine on a tasty plate of antipasto and a glass or two of some smooth Australian wine while you enjoy some of the best views of the Yarra Valley.

A visit to De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate Winery, which is a third generation Italian Winery, affords you the opportunity to visit the grapevines and taste some of the special white, red and sparkling wines.  You might be lucky to sample some of the popular ‘Noble One’ Botrytis Semillon, as well as the distinctive ‘Black Noble’. Other spectacular wineries worth visiting on your Yarra Valley Winery Tours include the notable Yering Station which is the oldest vineyard in the valley, the popular Moet & Chandon, The Melba Estate, Punt Road Estate and Balgownie Estate.

There are also cider houses such as the Napoleone Cider House and Brewery, an estate that grows pears and apples, which brews cider and ale. Here you can learn about the production process and taste the tingling sensation of the brews. The Gateway Estate Farmhouse is a great place to sample some of the best seasonal fruits in the area such as apples, berries, stone fruit and a few others.

Also eat lunch and dinner at any of the exclusive gourmet winery restaurants such as the Fergusson Winery and Restaurant in Yarra Valley where you can unwind over an appetizing meal with a glass of Yarra Valley wine.

The Yarra Valley Dairy which produces some amazing cheese products that will melt in your mouth is also worth visiting on your tour as well as the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie which makes some delightful tasting Belgian and French chocolatiers.

Aside from the wineries and wine tasting tours, the Yarra Valley also has other exciting activities to offer visitors during their visit which include helicopter tours, air ballooning, kayaking, trout fishing, world popular art galleries, panoramic cool climate gardens, gourmet produce, as well as gin master classes. A tour of the Yarra Valley will leave you with exciting memories to last another lifetime.winery pic main

Caravans for Sale Present Special Considerations for Buyers

Nova Caravans has become the destination of choice for families seeking caravans for sale. Luxury interiors, intelligent design layouts and the ability for clients to customize their home-away-from-home are just some of the qualities that have earned Nova Caravan a reputation as a leader in the industry.

The professionals at Nova Caravan work closely with clients to determine the best model that will provide the desired level of comfort, sophistication and financial fit. There are numerous factors for buyers to consider when selecting caravans for sale that may not be immediately obvious that include:

  • The duration of the travel is an essential consideration. Those living in their caravan for extended periods will want a different type of interior layout than those engaging in a weekend getaway.
  • The type of terrain to be traversed is equally important. People intending to go off-road will have different construction requirements than those staying in a caravan park and Nova Caravans offers options for both.
  • There’s a cost associated with everything and caravans are no different. Buyers should investigate potential maintenance costs, gas mileage and insurance rates of their selected model before they buy.
  • Connectivity is critical, especially for individuals who will be using their caravan off the beaten path. Nova Caravan models can be outfitted with GPS, satellite TV, and Wi-Fi or Internet.
  • How travelers will cook their meals is a major consideration. Sharing a meal over a campfire may seem romantic, but not as a regular diet. Built-in options run the gamut from traditional gas stoves and microwaves to grills.
  • Consumers often fall in love with the features of a particular model and then discover it’s beyond their budget. Nova Caravans has models to accommodate multiple budgetary requirements.
  • Many individuals find it helpful to rent a caravan for a short weekend adventure before they purchase. Maneuvering a large caravan isn’t an endeavor to be taken lightly.

There’s fun and adventure to be found on the open road, but consumers should be aware that all caravans for sale aren’t created equal. Award-winning Nova Caravans offer a variety of models for discerning buyers to meet the needs of novice campers and experienced travelers.

The firm can be reached by phone at (03) 9930 0900 or by visiting Nova Caravans online.

Hydronic Heating – Efficiency and Economy in a Single System

hydronic heatingIn climates where home and business owners incur significant heating costs, a hydronic heating system offers an economical means of warming structures. An underfloor heating Melbourne system offers a clean, convenient and quiet way to heat virtually any structure.

Hydronic heating uses warmed water circulated through a system of specialized pipes that are concealed under the floor. As the warm water is circulated through the pipes, heat is transferred through the floor and dispersed into the room. Known as slab heating, it can be installed in new construction and older buildings can easily be retrofitted.

Stylish wall radiators that remain cool to the touch can be installed for additional efficiency. Hydronically heated towel holders are available for the luxury of heated towels at any time. The towel racks also help preserve bathroom interiors by keeping the rooms drier.

Traditional furnaces used forced air that blows warmed air throughout the room. Much of the heating benefit is lost, since the air cools as it’s blown about. A hydronic system warms air closest to the floor where it’s needed most. The warmed air slowly rises to heat rooms evenly, eliminating cold spots.

Air temperature is controlled by a single thermostat or multiple thermostats can be installed throughout a structure to create individualized heating zones. Temperatures can be adjusted through the use of smartphone apps or owners can choose a self-monitoring system that tracks heat loss and automatically replenishes warmth levels.

Multiple thermostatsallow families to keep temperatures low in unused rooms and provide more warmth in occupied areas. Individual heat zones are especially beneficial for children and the elderly that may feel the cold more intensely.

Water in a hydronic heating system can be warmed by solid fuels, heat pumps, natural gas and LPG. When electricity is used, the system automatically heats water during off-peak hours. Hydronic heating offers efficiency and savings, and a variety of monetary rebates and financial incentives are available for individuals who install hydronic heating.

For more information, call 0449 883 849 or visit Supreme Hydronics online.